Naples Plumbing Studio great customer experience!

Anyone looking to replace kitchen sinks, bathroom toilets and sinks and related faucets should visit this showroom. Lisa is the owner and provided us with the best retail experience! Lisa is an encyclopedia of knowledge in this business. Naples Plumbing Studio only carried products she will sell with confidence.

We purchased sinks and faucets a year ago. Our kitchen sink handle as loose. I texted her a video of our handle problem. Lisa promptly emailed me information to fix the handle! She called to make sure I received her directions. It was a quick fix!

This level of customer service does not exist anymore and I needed to share how helpful Lisa was in solving our problem 😊 Thanks Lisa!

Visit: Naples Plumbing Studio. Lisa Roosevelt owner at 2172 Trade Center Way in Naples. You will be delighted with your shopping experience!

– Stephanie

Having been in the construction business for over 40 years I can say with all certainty that only a hand full of suppliers I have ever worked with have made such a positive impact with both our company and our customers. You are truly the best of the best!!!!!!

– Carl Maxner,
Milestone Special Projects & Services

I have dealt with no one better than Naples Plumbing Studio in my 17 years of building in Naples. The knowledge of the plumbing product information and design capabilities are second to none. As a builder, details and organization are a must and I have never been disappointed in the customer service that we get from Lisa and her team.

– Brian Beaudet
Milestone Development & Design

This is our second home which we have had the pleasure to design and select all our plumbing needs with the help and guidance from Lisa Roosevelt. When we first arrived in Naples over 6 years ago we visited “numerous” plumbing establishments; and were “less than impressed” with the product knowledge, technical know-how, and service of some of the associates whom “attempted” to assist us with simple and some more upscale features which we were looking for to make our home not only modern but one to be very proud of when our friends visited.

– Nancy and David
Hunt-Quail West

Lisa, I’ve enjoyed our time with you, and miss our creative sessions now that choices have been made! Thanks for your knowledge, help and input on this project! Your plumbing expertise has been invaluable! I know it goes without saying that we’re a couple of hands-on, picky people who research everything and we appreciated your patience, consideration and support in sorting through the evolution of our vision. I’m very excited with the result and look forward to receiving the items chosen!

– Nancy

Your perseverance through bumps in the road are why we count on you and treat you as the high level professional that you are.

– Bart

Thanks so much for your help. I’m really excited about how elegant the baths will be. My sincere thanks for your taking so much time with me. Its so obvious that you’re truly passionate about your chosen field.

– Victoria

Dear Lisa, thank you for being so gracious! You along with your daughter are a new refreshing, innovative, original company here in our mist. The presentation of your artistic, distinctive plumbing products are uniquely elegant. Our latest project that you spearheaded, was our high-quality slipper bathtub. It illuminates and delights the eye, complimenting the room. This symphonic playful design is breathtakingly beautiful. We embrace the extraordinary personal attention to complete product knowledge. Along with preparing each and every step for the contractor, enduring difficult circumstances in a calm orderly process. We truly enjoy your exquisite taste, years of experience and most importantly appreciate your kindness and patience.

– Art and Jan

Lisa and Merrisa, thanks for coming over to check out the final project. I love the bathroom you helped me design. From the minute I walked into the showroom I was impressed. It is absolutely beautiful. You both are very welcoming and knowledgeable on everything. I really appreciate the way you suggest and recommend products based on my criteria. Even though I worked with Lisa most of the time, Merrisa knew my project and knew exactly what I needed when I worked with her. You have a great partnership. I love the fixtures especially the long sleekness and uniqueness of them. I really like the polish nickel finish too. My hubby loves the sinks and toilets. You both made this part of the remodel the easiest. Thank you both very much.

– Beth

Merrisa thank you – you have done such a wonderful professional job with the Ryan’s. And Lisa, you should feel very proud of your beautiful showroom and the lovely daughter you have raised to join you as a businesswoman. May God continue to bless you both abundantly!!!!!!

– Sandra

As an interior designer I use Naples Plumbing Studio for all of my plumbing needs. Lisa and Merrisa are amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. They have a fabulous showroom that is very warm and inviting. True Professionals. Thanks.

– Molly Hoover Design Group LLC

We buy 100% of our plumbing fixtures from Naples Plumbing Studio because they have earned our business. Years ago, we were supplied plumbing fixtures by a national giant, whose customer service was sub-par, to put it kindly. When Lisa Roosevelt entered the market and made the pitch for us to purchase from NPS, she promised that we would not feel like a number. We pride ourselves as being a “concierge” builder, and she promised concierge service. Just for example, all parts and fixtures come pre-labeled with room names on them, unlike the previous supplier, when the plumber invariably had to sit on the floor and sort through unintelligible codes which would often lead to mistakes, not to mention wasted time. But the major reason Lisa won our business is the friendly and professional manner with which she treats our clients. Up front, she handles our clients with her full attention. She sets aside a couple of hours when they make an appointment and every client always raves about how easy she made the selection process. On the other end, when the occasional problem arises, she takes it on personally, rather than just pass off a name and number for me to deal with.

– Matt

Merrisa, thank you for your help with our Refresh Program development. As always, it was a pleasure working with you! I am looking forward to many great opportunities together in the near future.

– Lisa

Thanks, Merrisa for your help and knowledge to make our Master Bathroom look terrific and so beautiful! You are the best!

– Stephen and Sandy

Dear Merrisa, thank you!!!! This is such a nice job. It was a pleasure working with you and I will do everything to continue this relationship.

– Wanda

Naples Plumbing owner Lisa Roosevelt is an expert on the products she sells along with knowing intricate details about service and maintenance of these products.  She is extremely organized and proactive and is on top of her game when it comes to problem solving and getting results.  I have enjoyed working with her and have had the best experience!  She has amazing inventory!  So glad I found her!  If you want an expert when deciding on plumbing fixtures for your home, see Lisa at Naples Plumbing!!

– Kelly

Without a doubt, the place to go for kitchen and bath needs. We’ve purchased from dozens of different stores, both brick and mortar and online. First, their pricing is as good as it gets. It is the same or better than online. Second, the selection is excellent. They sell all levels of products with a focus on mid to superior brands. Third, their service and knowledge is second to none. They won’t let you leave without ensuring you have everything you need for your project, even if they don’t sell you every piece. Lastly, and something that is lacking in so many shopping experiences, they don’t care if you spend $100 or $10,000. We did not spend much as we needed a sink and faucet, but they treated us as though we were spending thousands. We will be back when we do our bathroom, without a doubt. Thank you, Naples Plumbing Studio, for a superior experience.

– Matthew

I love visiting the beautiful studio at Naples Plumbing Studio, they have so many options for a unique custom designed bathroom or kitchen!

– Nicole

Lisa, the owner, knows her products very well. Customer service is top of the line. We had an issue with a leaking tub faucet, and she contacted the manufacture for us and had it replaced at no charge to us.

– Jennifer